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2011.07.06 | New Technologies widen selection of parking assist systems from China

China suppliers of parking assist systems are updating selections to keep up with new vehicle makes and models. Differences in consumer requirements are also considered, with many companies targeting several geographic and price segments.


Makers are taking advantage of new technologies to increase their products’ marketability. At most businesses, head-up displays and smart control units are being adopted to enhance accuracy, stability and durability.


Shenzhen Elitek Co. Ltd has released a reverse parking aid equipped with a sensor module that distinguishes real obstacles from the spare tire and other protrusions at the back. Offered with an LED display, the system has a range of 0 to 2.5m and an accuracy of ±1cm. It is 30 percent more expensive than conventional 4-sensor sets.


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2010.08.03 | Shenzhen parking sensor makers rely on strong supply chain

Located at the center of China's electronic components industry, Shenzhen in Guangdong province remains one of the key hubs for vehicle parking sensors in the country.


The city has a strong supply chain, enabling the roughly 200 makers there to easily procure various parts and modules locally and roll out new designs faster. Some smaller companies, in fact, outsource practically their entire component requirement, performing only assembly in-house.


Shenzhen's annual output of parking sensors reaches 12 million units, accounting for about one-third of Guangdong's production and approximately 20 percent of China's total. This translates to revenue of roughly $300 million, of which 70 to 80 percent is from exports. The main markets are the US, the EU, Asia and the Middle East.

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2009.10.09 | Shenzhen parking sensor makers rely on strong supply chain


Shenzhen Elitek Electronics Co. Ltd (Mainland China)

Model: HDS-4-MF0
MOQ: 500 sets
Delivery: 30 days
Description: Parking sensors; four MF0 analog sensors, 5cm to 2.5m detection, 40cm to 2.5m display ranges; DSP01 display, 3-color LED, 4-channel input; with self-diagnostic, error detection, anti-interference functions; runs on 9.6 to 15VDC power supply; all-weather construction; 10 sets are packed in a 39.5x36.5x26.5cm carton; OEM orders accepted; payment terms: TT with 30% advance payment/70% before delivery


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